Soundbites 8 – Chasing Perfect

We’re back! The first episode of Season 2 and the newest episode of Soundbites: Chasing Perfect is up! Every month I’ll talk about a topic that’s been coming up in my everyday conversation and then I’ll discuss a couple of the top news stories of the last week. As people we often get wrapped up in the idea that our work is never quite good enough and we delay presenting our work , our creations, or even our plans to others because we feel that sometimes it is inadequate. Though sometimes this can be seen as ambition, we often fail to recognize the line between being ambitious and being obsessive. In the newest episode of Soundbites I discuss my own flaws, what it means to chase perfect, and how the idea of perfection can easily become our biggest obstacle towards success Please let me know of what you think of this episode and leave your feedback here or rate us on iTunes. I’d really appreciate it. With that said ya’, have an incredible week, be great, and as always, keep eating.

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