Soundbites Ep 9: Keep the Dream Alive

The newest episode of Soundbites is up and it’s all about encouraging ya to keep your dreams alive. Every month I’ll talk about a topic that’s been coming up in my everyday conversation and then I’ll discuss a couple of the top news stories of the last week. Now, we all have dreams we’re working towards but sometimes the things we deal with and the environments we live in don’t make it easy to stay on track. The 9 to 5 way of living doesn’t necessarily promote the pursuit of a side hustle and it’s easy to get discouraged by those who don’t believe in you, and worse, can cause you to stop believing in yourself. On today’s episode of Soundbites I encourage ya to keep your dreams alive and always remember that your working towards something much bigger than your current situation. Please let me know of what you think of this episode and leave your feedback here or rate us on iTunes. I’d really appreciate it. With that said ya’, have a great weekend, happy Halloween, and as always, keep eating.

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