Soundbites Ep 11: Be Uncomfortable

“What’s life without risk?”
Welcome Welcome Welcome ya to the FIRST episode of the GrUBcast in 2017! Today I want to talk to you all about being uncomfortable.
Every month I’ll talk about a topic that’s been coming up in my everyday conversation, I’ll discuss a couple of the top news stories of the past 2 weeks, and then I’ll close it out with your monthly dose of positivity.
I find that in life it’s very easy to get stuck in the routine of things and in doing so it becomes even easier to fall into complacency, because complacency is comfortable. But how can you really grow without exposing yourself to something new? In today’s Soundbite I encourage you all to step out of your comfort zone and expose yourself to something new. Whether it’s new experiences, new people, or new places, stepping into an uncomfortable situation can often lead to new discoveries about who you are and help you grow in ways you may not even have thought of before. Avoid stagnancy and always keep pushing boundaries for self-discovery.

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I’d really appreciate it. With that said ya’, have a great weekend, much love, and as always, keep eating.

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