Soundbites Ep 12: Perspective

Welcome Welcome Welcome ya to another episode of Soundbites! Today I want to talk to you all about the importance of perspective.

Every month I’ll talk about a topic that’s been coming up in my everyday conversation, I’ll discuss a couple of the top news stories of the month, and then I’ll close it out with your monthly dose of positivity.

Going about our everyday lives, it’s sometimes very difficult to keep a positive outlook on things because of our inherent nature to compare ourselves to others. With the advent of social media and everyone presenting their “highlight reels”, it becomes very easy to compare ourselves to others and increasingly hard to appreciate what we already have. In today’s Soundbite, I talk about flipping your perspective to focus on the positives instead of the negatives, what you have instead of what you don’t, in order to just maintain a better outlook on life. I believe that by changing our perspectives and shifting our focus, we can appreciate the fact that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and forget that we’re trapped in a tunnel in the first place.

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I’d really appreciate it. With that said ya’, have a great weekend, much love, and as always, keep eating.

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