Christine Souffrant Ntim: Decoding Success

The newest episode of the GrUBcast is up!

Today’s episode features World Startup Ecosystem expert, Christine Souffrant Ntim, and how she’s been able to run 4 successful startups and speak in over 20 different countries a year, all while raising a newborn daughter, building with a loving husband, and somehow also keeping up with 14 different TV shows.

We often see successful people throughout our lives that seem almost godly in their continued pursuit of achievement and growth. And often, while we are engulfed by their wins, we often forget that they were all once where we ourselves might be now. Today’s episode features one of my idols and friends, Christine S. Ntim as we talk about how she’s gotten to where she is today. We discuss how she’s become a World Startup Ecosystem expert, how she’s dealt with loss, and most amazingly how she’s managing being an entrepreneur as well as a new mother and wife. It is an INCREDIBLE interview. The longer you listen, the better it gets. There are gems in here that are (literally and figuratively) priceless.

Some key takeaways:
1.) If you think you know how to manage time: listen to this and humble yourself
2.) There is always room to learn and grow
3.) Anything can be achieved through perseverance, regardless of the circumstances, obstacles, or setbacks

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With that said ya’, have an incredible week, much love, and as always, keep eating.


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