GrUB is an acronym for Growing up Black and is a podcast about stories, topics, and ideas from people of color in all different ages, shades, and cultural demographics.

We often think that our adversity, shortfalls, and triumphs are unique to only ourselves. In reality many people share similar, and many times, identical stories. From the way we've grown up, to the way we react to things on an everyday basis. The main goal of this podcast is to create a forum for the diversity of the minority experience. Hopefully you hear something that relates to you, a story that shows you that you’re not alone, and better days are to come. You may laugh, or cry, you may even learn, but you will most certainly feel. Think of GrUB as the radio version of Humans of New York for People of Color.

Meet The Host: Kyle Davy

Originally from Ossining, NY by way of Kingston, JA, Kyle Davy started the GrUBcast after constantly moving and traveling around the globe. Inspired by the similarities of individuals' stories in vastly different areas, he wanted to create a forum where people could learn from one another and realize that they weren't alone, and thus Growing Up Black was born.

Kyle is currently based in New York and works full time as a Brand Strategist for an unnamed 3-letter Fortune 500 company. In addition to running the GrUBcast, he serves as a consultant for other podcasters and entrepreneurs, officiates weddings from time to time, and speaks on panels on the intersect between music, health, and technology. For more info, contact Kyle here.